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Healing Faith

One family, two cancerous tumors, and many fears. A neurosurgeon and his son tell of their family’s treatments and prayers, outer scars and inner wounds, medical science and faith, through their journey to healing and hope.


In our darkest moments, windows into eternity open, and we find beauty and hope in places we would never have searched.

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The Surgeon’s Sin: An Allegory

Dr. Peter Jenson makes a mistake and his practice crumbles, his wife and son leave him, and his medical license is in jeopardy. Wracked by guilt, he promises to end the suffering of his injured patient at the all-to-near end of her life. He then sets out to preserve his practice and medical license, a quest that leads him to on an overseas mission with doctor who was once a friend. After the other doctor dies, Peter returns, injured, shaken to the core, and confused, to face his arch enemy, an angry wife and estranged son, and the dreaded fulfillment of his promise to a dying woman. 

Coming Soon!

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