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This is the first of a series of posts centered around the Biblically recorded healings by Jesus, and what applications they may have in healing

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Cape Fear

For the last six years my family has gathered for a week at Bald Head Island, a place marked by beautiful homes, an extensive nature

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A Holy Moment

“We celebrate today a holy moment,” Pastor Kevin said, kind of excited, bouncing on the balls of his feet like he does sometimes on Sunday

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At noon on October 17, 1967, an American soldier, Danny Sikorski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was killed in Viet Nam, a victim of a claymore mine

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Day Hike, Night Run

A man named James, a recently retired professor of economics, broke his neck. The circumstances seemed like the usual sort of thing: One Tuesday morning

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Real People

A few weeks into our surgical internship, we invited all the interns to a party at our apartment. About fifteen were able to make it.

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Old Faithful

We met by coincidence at Old Faithful, the geyser that is so predictable in a National Park known for unpredictable events like blizzards in August.

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Big Enough

I had my pediatric rotation during the third year of medical school. My first assignment was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of St. Paul-Ramsey

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Winter is Coming

The multi-hues of Minnesota summer green fade to dark browns and dull yellows, the pines now deep emerald accents in late autumn.  The light is

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