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A New Heart–Jim Young’s Story About Ann

In June 2000, my wife, Ann, suffered a massive heart attack. Two respected cardiologists and our family doctor all confirmed that the human heart does not regenerate its tissue once it dies due to a heart attack.  In Ann’s case, 50% of her heart muscle died and she was told that if she lived, she would be an invalid the rest of her life.

Additionally, the attending cardiologist said she was so weak that she could not survive an open heart surgery, so he placed 3 stents her arteries and told me she had a 25% chance to live.

A good personal friend, Rev. Len Showalter, came to her ICU room where she lay with tubes in her body. Many folks, myself included, prepared for the worst. Then Len prayed this prayer:

“Jesus, if you raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days, You can regenerate Ann Young’s heart muscle!”

This prayer by Len was so outrageous that I remember that my legs became weak and I could hardly stand, so utterly amazed was I that Len had that much faith, and my faith was so weak.

Fast forward 3 years.  After 13 visits to the hospital, with 12 heart cath procedures and open heart surgery, her cardiologist gave this amazing report to us:

“Mrs. Young, your heart has regenerated its muscle from 50% to 75%.  This is the first known case in medical history as we know it. I have written a full report and sent it to various medical journals as an “unexplainable phenomenon.”

Ann is now 73 years old and doing very well. She is not an invalid and does most things she wants to.

With Jesus, all things are possible.

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